Labenko Informatics Inc.

Augmenting, Automating
Economizing, Decarbonizing

Robotics, AI and mobile solutions for more economical, faster and sustainable healthcare processes: That is our raison d'etre.

In the new era of rapidly digitalizing health services, robots, algorithms and mobile applications, effective use of technology is vital for the success of health care institutions.

Labenko Bilisim (Informatics) Inc. is a new generation company with a research and innovation orientation, founded by a group of academics and students with decades of international experience in the fields of medicine, informatics and engineering management.

Labenko started its activities at Dokuz Eylül University Health Technopark (DEPARK) in 2015, with the permission of the relevant Faculty and University Boards.

Labenko, which has been continuing its R&D studies since its establishment, has developed two robots and put them into use, and has also developed a mobile application, a high-tech laboratory information management system, a blood collection flow system, and various software systems to increase the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment. R&D studies continue with new projects.

As a result of R&D studies, four patents have been registered and the examination processes of three more patents are continuing.


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