AI-Enabled Blood Tube Labeling Robot


Years of R&D
A Unique Invention
A Well-Deserved Patent

NESLI Blood Tube Labeling robot is the result of a long R&D.

It is a patented robot with artificial intelligence and original design.

NESLI is placed next to the phlebotomist. When the patient arrives at the phlebotomist desk to give blood, NESLI would have already selected blood tubes for the patient, labeled them and presented them directly to the phlebotomist.

NESLI does all this automatically, it does not require any human to press buttons.

NESLI saves blood tube labeling costs 100%.

NESLI reduces labeling errors to zero and standardizes labeling.

NESLI's economic return on investment period is very short (usually less than a year depending on the country).

We present some of the technical features of NESLI below. For more detailed information, press the button below and we will call you.

NESLI is an innovative product developed by Labenko and all its rights are protected under the relevant laws.


In Blood Tube Labeling

Industry 4.0 Era

Full Automation

NESLI works fully automatically without human intervention.

Two Phlebotomists

NESLI serves two phlebotomists at the same time.

Smart Reporting

NESLI reports performance and steps of the patient flow system real-time.

Extra Label

NESLİ can print as many extra labels as needed.

Unlimited Tube Type

NESLI can work with an unlimited number of standard blood tube types.

Label Alignment

NESLI aligns labels with manufacturer's label.


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