Labenko's R&D and software production processes are internationally accredited and regularly audited by independent institutions.

The quality of hardware, robotic and software products is closely related to the quality of the processes in which they are designed. While our products are being designed, they go through processes that comply with the international accreditation standards. In addition, Labenko continues to keep its product quality at the top with its uniquely developed "state machines" approach.

Our institution is internationally accredited with ISO 15504(SPICE) in terms of R&D and production processes and is audited periodically by independent institutions.

Labenko is also included in the KTS list kept by the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Health Information Systems.

Quality is among Labenko's priorities. The main reason for this is the fact that healthcare services are not tolerant of errors by definition. It is our company policy to continue without compromising our quality work so that we provide the best experience for our users.


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