Smart Pathways Mobile System

for community-based care coordination

Multiplier Effect

Do more with fewer CHWs.

Increased Efficiency

Boost your CHW's performance.

Operations Management

Monitor what is happening.

Performance Measurement

Analyze and Report Results.

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For Commmunity Care Coordination

Smart Pathways Mobile System

Pathways are structured ways to interact with clients. Client-interaction is driven by an easy to use mobile app. Minimal knowledge of workflow is sufficient.

Flawless CHW-Client Interactions

Client interactions are driven by a special algorithm designed to assist CHWs. Each step of the interaction is selected and presented to the CHW ensuring client-interaction pathways get executed to their finest details.

Real-Time Data Collection

Data is collected automatically in real-time as CHW-client interactions flow naturally. Data is deposited in cloud and made available to be viewed at the base.

Automated Reminders

CHWs are free to schedule tasks for themselves and the system makes sure that all tasks are remembered and get executed.

Planning Pathway Activations

Pathways selected based on client's assessed risks including SDOH factors are planned to be activated. The system makes sure that all planned pathways get executed by their due dates.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Data collected can be analyzed and periodic reports may be generated to provide funding agencies with evidence of results obtained in the field.

Performance Evaluation and Real-Time Monitoring

Smart Patways is a real performance booster. You can have more done with fewer staff. Moreover, task status and performance metrics are available for viewing in near-real-time.

The Pathways System interoperates with other Public Health Information Systems and community healthcare data bases. CHWs connect to Public Health Networks and to perform tasks such as placing a referral request, making an outpatient appointment or consulting with PCPs. Data from public sources available through Smart Pathways. Are exportable to other systems.

Integrated and Coordinated Approach

System may be integrated with other Public Health Information Systems such as with community healthcare data bases. Data from public sources then will be available through Smart Pathways. Data collected using Smart Pathways may be exported to other systems. CHWs can connect to Public Health Networks and can performs tasks such as placing a referral request, making an outpatient appointment or consulting with PCPs.

Predictive Data Analytics

Smart Pathways system is based on Systems Science known as DEVS. It unifies Simulation, Machine Learning and AI Algorithms to gain insight into the data. Simulations may be used to evaluate the cost of activities before they are performed in reality. Machine Learning and AI Algorithms may be used to compute results obtained from interventions. For example, it becomes possible to measure changes in HbA1c values for a population 6 months after applying "Diabetes Self Management Training". Your capacity for these kinds of evalutions may provide your funders with the value your organization creates for them thus providing you with a strategic advantage over your competitors.

Smart Pathways for community-based care coordination

Pathways are a structured way to interact with clients. Minimal knowledge of the expected workflow is sufficient. Client-interaction is driven by an easy-to-use mobile app.

Client data is collected live. Actions may be scheduled to be completed later.

A reminder system makes sure nothing is forgotten or unintentionally skipped.

A screening system enables planning of pathways needed to be activated for client 's social needs.

All standard pathways are provided. New pathways can be developed and deployed easily.

An easy to use web-based reporting tool presents graphically how things are going in the field.

Advanced Features

Pathways for Community Healthcare Services guides your CHWs at every step they take. It tells your CHWs what to say and what to do. Your CHWs will feel secure and they will not miss a step in the interaction. What is more is that data will be collected automatically during client interactions and will be available for viewing and analysis at the base in near real-time.

It presents client information 360 degrees in graphical form. Thus your CHWs will go into a client interaction with full knowledge of the client history.

Pathways mobile application is a very powerful assistant for your CHWs yet it is very simple to use. CHWs can perform tasks like making client an appointment at a healthcare institution through the mobile app during client interaction, easily.

All client interactions are recorded longitudinally and are available for viewing.

There are many pathways for use in community health management. Each one has a complicated flow of many possibilities. New pathways may be defined based on types of interventions planned. Smart Pathways provides all information about pathways, types of data to be collected, choices, questions, execution paths and the like. Smart Pathways keep your CHWs minds refreshed and provides them with all the details needed at the touch of a button.

Pathways can be integrated into other Public Health Networks enabling data to be shared accross your organization.

Some of the standard pathways defined and available in the system:

SDOH Assessment

Adult Learning

Behavioral Health

Developmental Screening



Family Planning

Health Insurance


Immunization Referral



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