Lab Standards Plus Clinical Laboratory System


A Powerful Infrastructure for a Strong Laboratory and

Clinical Collaboration

Lab Standards Plus provides a powerful laboratory-clinical collaboration environment.

While the laboratory processes have been strengthened by supporting advanced technologies, the laboratory processes of the clinical side have been strengthened and diversified.

Clinical functions such as laboratory test selection and evaluation of results are supported by innovative techniques that facilitate the physician's decision making and save significant time.

The clinic's laboratory test order processes have been optimized in terms of material usage and test selection.

Work distribution on the laboratory side is made and tracked algorithmically. Result approval processes have been accelerated with innovative approaches in a way that was not possible before.

Innovative algorithmic supports such as auto-re-run, re-use, batch approval, and automatic approval have been developed to minimize the delivery time of laboratory test results.

Support for sample storage and reuse for reuse is provided in an easy-to-use system for both the laboratory and the clinical side.

A flawless and high resolution graphical internal quality control system has been developed with patented and innovative technologies.

Advanced technology tools such as geographic systems, confirmation of laboratory results with artificial intelligence, real-time messaging and laboratory-clinical integration have been developed.

Diagnostic Pathways is compatible with the product. When used together, it saves the physician from laboratory test selection and result follow-up a huge amounts of time. It solves the issues of over-test selection, under-test selection, unnecessary testing for the organization, providing extraordinary financial and time savings.

With the R&D support of KOSGEB, Labenko Informatics Inc. has developed Lab Standards Plus. It is an innovative product whose rights are protected by the relevant laws.


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