New Approaches Based on Artificial Intelligence in Health



Patient comfort, removal of queues
Specimen safety
Patients do not have to carry tubes
Priority management and VIP module
Real-time and detailed flow graphics
Removing of preanalytical errors
Estimation of load with artificial intelligence
Automatic follow-up of timed tests
Turkish, English and Arabic language support
Smart mobile phone support
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Physician test request and evaluation screens
Nurse screens
Automatic confirmation
Result notification with push notification messages. (Physician / patient)
Critical result notification
Process and result monitoring with patient web site and mobile phone
Communication with auto-analyzer devices
Manual entry of results in manual analyzes
Support for repeat dilution processes
Microbiological intermediate result and final result notification
Graphical or image test result support
Transfer of control results from auto-analyzers from the device
Manual entry of control results from manual analyzers
Levey-Jennings control charts
Control result accept/reject
Lot-based control intervals follow
Error-sensitive test codes
Error-sensitive borcode numbers
Record ownership of the sample with CoC (Chain of Custody)
Original result presentation technologies
Original test selection technologies
Easy connection and information with test catalog
The original work distribution algorithm in Verification
Administrative Screens
Geographic knowledge bases
Using without touch
Mobile supported
Standard blood collection unit support
Many other useful features
Lab Standard Plus

Advanced Technology Based Medical Laboratory Quality and Data Management System


Business planning and management
Determination of "out of control" event time with artificial intelligence support
On the LJ charts, IQC accept/reject/RPA
Multi-level LJ charts monitoring
Graphical TAE monitoring
External Quality Control (EQC)
Saving Calibration record
Lab Standard Plus

Predictive Quality Control


Online access to all laboratory tests with one adress
Various search options(LOINC, Disease, ICD10, System, test name, OMIM code, test code)
Accessibility (Mobile, Tablet, Computer)
Faster access (<3 sec)
More comprehensive service details
Patients can be informed too
Realtime updateable
Medical formulas and calculations
Information with voice
Creating R&D infrastructure
User feedback

Laboratory Test Catalog

Why Us?

Expert team in medical laboratory management

Knowledge and experience in the field of medical laboratory quality control

International R&D projects and publications

Academic group from Dokuz Eylül University Department of Computer Engineering. see. Computational Medicine,DEUCENG

Consultant Prof. Dr. Ali Rıza Şişman from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry.

Consultant Prof. Dr. Nuri Başoğlu from İzmir Yüksek Teknoloji University, Department of Industrial Design.

TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB Approved Projects

Supported by Academic Studies

Research group sponsorship. see. Computational Medicine


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Core Team

Prof. Dr Süleyman Sevinç

Prof. Dr. Ali Rıza Şişman

Prof. Dr. Nuri Başoğlu

Oktay Yıldırım

Computer Engineer(PhDc)

Eminullah Yaşar

Computer Engineer(MSc)


Our Strategy

Innovation, Knowledge, Technology, Communication, Time and Quality


To help you carry your health systems over international standards.


To be a pioneer and leader in the development of artificial intelligence products in the international health field.


'Artificial Intelligence' system for hospitals
  • Technology
  • Informatics-Health

'Artificial Intelligence' system for hospitals

"Artificial intelligence" system for hospitals - Turkish scientists will be able to avoid unnecessary testing of sickness, quickly assessing test results...

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'Artificial Intelligence' system for hospitals
  • Technology
  • Informatics-Health

'Artificial Intelligence' system for hospitals

Turkish scientists will avoid unnecessary testing of the disease, quickly evaluate the test results...

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Yapay zeka, hasta bekleme süresini azalttı
  • Technology
  • Informatics-Health

Artificial intelligence in Izmir reduced patient waiting time

İzmir Tepecik Education and Research Hospital has 900 to 1000 patients daily

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